The film " O.S : Organic Symbols " is a manifesto for organic art. The symbolist artist Younes A. Tahiri opens our eyes onto unexplored and unexpected fields. His experimental artistic approach reviving in his sculptures bone material, leather, fossilized wood, etc. From the Sahara desert to the great northern forest, through microbiologic laboratories, dissection rooms, tanneries, and all kinds of workshops, the artist being a vet as for his other trade, prospects and explores the universe of shapes, textures, organic colours, from fossils to living bacteria, viruses, parasites, and insects.

Through such a creative journey, he meets with other artists, philosophers, churchmen and anthropologists, all of whom proven to be interested by an art form participating with nature : Pierre Tessier's naturalism, Annie Thibeault's biological cultures, Primeau's "greedy trees", Mark Prent's teratological forms, Régis Olry's plastinations, Denis Meyer's conferences on the subject of taboo, Jean claude Muller's talks about sacredness within organic matter, and Mgr Poirier's interviews on the subject of sacredness in general.

It is thus a real mystical quest, from artistic and scientific exploration to spiritual intuition that Younes A. Tahiri is seen unfolding, exploring Islamic art symbols but also the first arts, i.e. prehistoric, Amerindian, African, and even modern urban graffiti.